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1999 Toshiba - 950 Ton

1999 Toshiba

950 Ton 936 US ton | 252 oz

General Specifications

Brand Toshiba
Tonnage950 Ton (936 US ton)
Shot Size252 oz.
  • USA
  • North America
Model NumberISGT950W2-100BT-V10
Options & UpgradesDouble Wide Platen, Equipped with Technomagnete Magnetic Platen, Includes a Conair Sepro Robot Model 3051 BZ

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic
Tie Bar Distance61" inches  x  49.8" inches
Platen Size 79.5" inchesx  68.3" inches
Daylight Min15.68" inches With Magentic Platens
Daylight Max96.4" inches With Magnetic Platens 51.12 Max Mold Height
Core Pull Sequences Yes
Types of ControlsV10
Dimensions 34.75' ftx 10.5' ftx 8.83' ft


Overall ConditionExcellent
Barrel & ScrewExcellent
Material RunAC, PC, Styrene

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