2003 Nissei

500 Ton FN8000 | 68 oz

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General Specifications

Year 2003
Brand Nissei
Tonnage 500 Ton (FN8000)
Shot Size 68 oz.
  • USA
  • North America
Model Number FN8000
Type horizontal
Machine Notes

Star NPW-1200G Robot is also available with the machine

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic
Tie Bar Distance 32.3 inches  x  32.3 inches
Platen Size 46.9 inches x  46.9 inches
Daylight Min 14.8 inches
Daylight Max 55.1 inches
Core Pull Sequences Yes Stationary Platen
Types of Controls N9300T
Voltage 460
Dimensions 28.36 ft x 6.24 ft x 8.47 ft


Overall Condition Very Good
Barrel & Screw Very Good
Hours 43,087
Material Run ABS, HIPS, PC, Acrylic