Top 10 Blog Posts on Plastics

Manufacturing and the Use of Plastics in Everyday Life

March 04, 2014

This list of Top 10 Blogs has been compiled to show the diverse nature of the use of plastics. From the innovative technologies in the plastics processing industry to the use of plastic eye droppers in creating wonderful works of childhood art, these articles can give you better understanding of the vital role plastics play in our lives. In short, you can learn about the history of plastics manufacturing, the importance of plastics in everyday life, and technologies and research used within the industry that create new solutions for impact on the environment. We invite you to get to know plastics!

NPE 2015 Recycling Plan Creates Opportunity for CPR Inc.

Kimberly Coghill, Director of Communications at SPI Plastics Industry Trade Association, writes about the NPE2015 recycling program and SPI's continuous dedication to reduce environmental impact of their activities.

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'Inverse Screw' Cuts Residence Time In Micro Molding

Doug Smock writes about a new electric Allrounder 270 injection molding machine having a micro injection molding unit with a plasticizing cylinder developed jointly by Arburg and the IKV, calling it an "inverse screw."

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How to Assemble Plastic Injection Molded Components

Rena Ivory gives a guide to different methods of bonding injection molded plastic parts together, including mechanical fastening, UV bonding, solvent bonding, and ultrasonic welding. Want to know how these methods work?

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Return of the Legendary Battle Figures

On the Secret Fun Blog, Kirk D. writes about the resurgence of plastic figurine molds and casting fantastical creatures which were once popular in the mid 1980s. He takes visual note of the similarities in figurine forms (mold forms).

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First Automatic Sorting of Plastic Film by Polymer -

Jan H. Schut writes about the introduction of automatic high-speed NIR (near infra-red) sorting of plastic film by plastic recyclers and the possibility of upgrading commingled MRF (material recovery facility) plastic and reusing polyethylene film.

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Professor Plastic: My Favorite Highlights of the Early History of Plastic

Plastics Make It Possible's Professor Plastic shares the history of plastics and innovations in using plastics in everyday life since the invention of the first man made plastics, Parkesine.

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OHNY: Making It Here

Open House New York is a commission dedicated to showcasing already built facilities to inspire dialogue about the history and impact of engineering and design within the city.

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5 Ways Plastic Packaging Fights Food Waste

Brian Porter, Vice President and Head of Consulting at Ernest Packaging, writes about the advantages of flexible plastic packaging in reducing food spoilage, especially given today's innovations in plastic packaging for items at the grocery store. Prime example? Bagged lettuce.

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Recycled Art Using Plastics

Anna Reyner writes articles about creativity and fun projects you can do with your children, which include child-friendly plastic pieces and tools and art made from recycled plastics.

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Leading Edge Scanning Technology Helps Improve Part Verification & Accuracy

Rob Glassburn writes about the better accuracy in inspection of injection molded parts of a refrigerator using scanning rather than a Coordinate Measuring Machine.

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