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2005 210 ton Negri-Bossi Electric 15.3 oz
  • 2005 236 Ton Negri Bossi
  • 15.3 oz
  • USA
  • Electric
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2003 1000 ton Negri-Bossi Vector 205 oz
  • 2003 1000 Ton Negri Bossi
  • 205 oz oz
  • Europe
  • Double Toggle
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Since the early 1950's, Negri Bossi injection machines have been a huge contender in the European industrial market. And with a large command of that market share, they have in recent years started to rival both American, and Canadian companies, such as Milacron, and Husky. The European market for injection molding is highly competitive; each nation prides itself on the quality of their workmanship and manufacturing integrity. With each different country having their own manufacturers, it speaks volumes that Negri Bossi is a brand that leading European injection molders have placed their faith in, regardless of nationality. Negri Bossi are among the first manufacturers to introduce a flagship range of all electric injection molding machines to the European market; their innovations continue to be game-changers within the plastic molding industry. As an expanding international manufacturing presence, Negri Bossi is rapidly gaining popularity here in America for their innovative and cutting edge designs. Maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-changing global industrial market place is important. You too can have these cutting edge plastic injection molding machines from Negri Bossi in your facility. Elite Machinery Systems can help you to get the best deals in the business on your new purchase.