2013 Engel

1000 Ton DUO 7050/900 tonnage increased by Engel to DUO 7050/1000 US | 220 oz

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General Specifications

Year 2013
Brand Engel
Tonnage 1000 Ton (DUO 7050/900 tonnage increased by Engel to DUO 7050/1000 US)
Shot Size 220 oz.
  • USA
  • North America
Model Number DUO 7050/900 tonnage increased by Engel to DUO 7050/1000 US
Type horizontal
Options & Upgrades Includes Viper 40 Robot, Magnetic Platens, Available April 2024
Machine Notes

Includes Viper 40 Robot, Viper robots have switchable vacuum/compressed air circuits, Magnetic Platens, Ecodrive - 40-60% Less Energy Consumption, B-Metallic Barrel & Barrier Screw, Ceramic Heater Bands, Pneumatic Shutoff Nozzle, Pneumatic Valve Gate on Each Platens, Air Valves on Each Platen, Air Blow, Speed Control Electric Screw Drive, , 200mm Increased Mold Height, Electrically Adjustable Variable Displacement Pump With Pressure and Volume Regulation.

Original Order Sheet Available with Further Details.

Machine Order Sheet - (use the link to view a PDF file or contact us)

Technical Specifications

  • 2-Platen
Tie Bar Distance 46.06 inches  x  39.7 inches
Platen Size 61.02 inches x  59.84 inches
Daylight Min 19.68 inches
Daylight Max 90.55 inches 59.84" Maximum Mold Height
Core Pull Sequences Yes 1 on Stationary Platen 2 on Movable Platen
Types of Controls CC 200
Voltage 460
Dimensions 35.54' long x 10.55' wide and 18' wide including the robot and safety cages x 7.8' high and 15.83' to the top of the robot


Overall Condition Excellent
Barrel & Screw Excellent
Hours 44,128
Material Run PP. HDPE