1999 Van Dorn

500 Ton | 59 oz

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General Specifications

Year 1999
Brand Van Dorn
Tonnage 500 Ton
Shot Size 59 oz.
  • USA
  • North America
Model Number 500 HP 2800
Type horizontal
Options & Upgrades Reinforced Platens
Machine Notes

Replaced and updated Various I/O boards ANA, SEQ - temperature board- rebuilt both advance cylinders- new fiber optic from op station to rack – CN valve/ 2 directional valves. EHST valve, replaced one pump cartridge, replaced various cartridge O-rings and new cartridge. All new oil filters, replaced various seals ,advance cylinders, ANA card. All new heater control relays on both. Added relay for color feeder.

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic
Tie Bar Distance 32.5 inches  x  32.5 inches
Platen Size 47 inches x  47 inches
Daylight Min 12/ 28 inches With and Without Ejector Box & Ram Spacers
Daylight Max 52 / 68 inches With and Without Ejector Box & Ram Spacers
Types of Controls Pathfinder 5000
Voltage 460
Dimensions 31.1 ft x 6.7 ft x 9.8 ft


Overall Condition Very Good
Barrel & Screw Very Good