2018 Toshiba

610 Ton EC610SXII Electric | 43.4 oz

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General Specifications

Year 2018
Brand Toshiba
Tonnage 610 Ton (EC610SXII Electric)
Shot Size 43.4 oz.
  • USA
  • North America
Model Number EC610SXIIV50
Type horizontal
Options & Upgrades High Performance Olefin & Tungsten Carbide Barrel, High Watt Density Heater Bands, Reiloy Eagle Barrier Mixing Screw, Extended Daylight, Program Barrel Controller, Unisorb Mounting Pads, Cooling Fan on Clamp Servo, External Monitoring Interface
Machine Notes

Standard Options:

Simultaneous Motion, Eject On The Fly, Coining, Lap Sequence, Pulling The Core In And Out On The fly, Opening The Mold While Charging, Clamp Relax

Technical Specifications

Tie Bar Distance 38.1 inches  x  35.8 inches
Platen Size 53.7 inches x  51.2 inches
Daylight Min 15.7 inches 47.27" Max Mold Height With 200mm extended daylight option
Daylight Max 82.67 inches With 200mm extended daylight option
Core Pull Sequences Yes Hydraulic Core Pull Dual Program & Electrical I/F Pneumatic Core Pull Single Timer Only
Types of Controls Injectvisor V50
Voltage 220/460 with transformer
Dimensions 27.6 ft x 7.5 ft x 7.3 ft


Overall Condition New
Barrel & Screw Like New
Hours 4,667