2022 Toshiba Electric

937 Ton | 140 oz

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General Specifications

Year 2022
Brand Toshiba Electric
Tonnage 937 Ton
Shot Size 140 oz.
  • Mexico
Model Number EC950 SXIII V70
Type horizontal
Options & Upgrades Tungsten Carbide Barrel and Hardened Screw, Hot Runner Control, Dual Hydraulic Valve Gates, High Flow Pneumatic Valve Gate, Air Blow, Pneumatic Core Pulls, 12 Zone Cooling Manifold, Free Flow Tip Assembly, Quad Core Pull with 2 Positioned on each Platen

Technical Specifications

  • 5 Point Toggle
Tie Bar Distance 51.9 inches  x  51.9 inches
Platen Size 70.4 inches x  70.4 inches
Daylight Min 19.7 inches
Daylight Max 90.6 inches 43.3" Maximum Mold Height
Core Pull Sequences Yes Quad Core Pull two each Platen
Types of Controls Injectvisor V70
Voltage 460
Dimensions 35.8 ft x 9.5 ft x 9.2 ft


Overall Condition New
Barrel & Screw Like New
Hours Zero Production Hours
Condition Notes Never Ran Production in Like New Condition